• Nick Holderbaum

Tired Firefighter

C - ”Sleep-deprived”

H - Since the beginning of shift-work, first responders have suffered from disrupted circadian rhythms and sleep disorders.

A - Slow to react. Insulin resistant. Increased hunger. Junk food cravings. Depressed/Moody. Anxious. Low T. Forgetful. Loss of memory. Increased risk for all-cause mortality. Not themselves...

R - 24/72 hour shift schedule. Kelly day. Later shift start times. Plenty of daylight upon waking. Avoid caffeine after midday. Primal diet. Time-restricted feeding (TRF). Encouraged nap time on duty. Individual bunk rooms for EMS/Fire companies. Tones for responding crews only. CPAP for those with sleep apnea. Less artificial light after sundown. Less screen time. Night shift on IOS. Philips hue lighting in the firehouse. Justgetflux on computers and MDC’s. Blue light blocking glasses at night. A hot shower before bed. Dark (blackout shades), cool (65 degrees), quiet (white noise) sleeping environments. Nap, sauna, and float-tank use when you get off shift. Wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. 7-9 hours of sleep off duty.

T - Bed.

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