• Nick Holderbaum

Time for a Change

The fire service is old school.

There is a love-hate relationship with change.

Change is not easily accepted here.

We all know the definition of insanity.

So why do we insist on doing nothing to stop the rise in chronic disease among first responders?

Because we are scared of the truth. We fear change.

When we are forced to reflect on the way our department functions we panic and put our guard up.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” - Winston Churchill

1 in 3 Americans has prediabetes or diabetes. Firefighters are not the exception.

Could we be healthier? Could our department be better as a whole? Where can we improve?

We don’t need to look like calendar models holding axes that have never been used.

But, we don’t want to look like our patients either.

Improving the health of firefighters doesn’t have to involve struggle or sacrificing.

Teaching your department how to eat, exercise, and manage sleep and stress is the easy part. Google can do that.

Creating lasting change is my offering. I am here to hold you accountable. To support you throughout your careers. To provide you with these long-term tools for sustainability and robust health.

To introduce root cause resolution.

We’ll get to the root cause of problems and remove them.

We’ll create a new standard for health.

A fire service free of chronic disease. A culture of wellness.

Less heart disease. Less diabesity.

Less sick time off. Less workers comp.

This is what I’m after.

I am hell-bent on creating a healthier fire service.

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