• Nick Holderbaum

The Mental Athlete

The mental athlete thinks for himself. His time in the gym is meditative.

His personal trainer is ancient wisdom.

Aware that the brain functions as a unit, he focuses on multiple domains.

He corrects his weaknesses and leverages his strengths accordingly.

If public speaking brings him anxiety, he will ferociously train this area.

He quits while his synapsis are still firing to avoid burnout and mental illness.

To avoid chronic training patterns he spends time reflecting - reenergizing his intellectual energy.

The mental athlete meets stimulus with reason. He is unreactive.

He engages in creative activity, letting his mind wander for miles each day.

The mental athlete watches every thought with perfect form.

He is aware of all 10,000 thoughts, however he doesn’t bother tracking them.

Why would he? He’s a sprinter.

He begins and ends each training session by strengthening his good habits.

He trains in a fasted-state and welcomes adversity. He is resilient.

The exercise itself is his reward, not the results.

His routine promotes longevity.

After all, he’s playing the long game.

His health, his hands.

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