• Nick Holderbaum

The Fat-Adapted Firefighter

Your body wants to burn fat for energy, not sugar. The problem is, we can’t access our stored fat for fuel because high insulin levels lock it away.

We have high insulin levels because we eat so many carbs. Carbs are converted to sugar > sugar drives insulin > insulin drives fat storage.

With fat locked away in the cells, you rely on ingested calories for energy.

If you’re not eating or snacking constantly throughout the day, you get grumpy and tired.

This is the life of a sugar-burner.

If lunch gets interrupted by a run, your blood sugar will most likely drop, causing you to get hangry and reach for junk food in the EMS room or snacks at the firehouse.

If you miss a meal, your body will break down precious muscle for energy instead of fat. There go your gains.

The solution: become fat-adapted.

By eating a diet of plants and animals (meat and non-starchy veggies) for a period of 21-days you will up-regulate fat and keto-burning genes and down-regulate glucose-burning genes.

This gene-reprogramming will allow your body to access stored fat throughout the day for energy instead of relying on ingested calories. This is what we call being fat-adapted.

No grains, no sugars, no vegetable oils allowed.

No more blood sugar roller coaster resulting in mood swings and mid-day lulls.

The stress response will no longer be activated every time you miss a meal and go into starvation mode.

Plenty of stored fat to burn, even on the leanest individual.

It’s a beautiful thing to have constant energy and a positive mood each day. This is what I want for all of you.

Inconsistent meals and eating patterns will no longer affect you. Fat-burners aren’t easily phased.

Less hangry firefighters, less chronic disease, job done.

Your health, your hands.

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