• Nick Holderbaum

Stop Weighing Yourself

The scale will never provide you with peace of mind. There are too many variables that go into that dreaded number, most of which are out of your control. Instead of weighing yourself every morning when you wake up, measure the following on a scale from one to ten:

  • Your happiness level

  • Your energy levels

(Please note, seven is unacceptable on the one to ten scale as it is essentially a cop out. Force yourself to decide if something is a six or an eight.)

Two methods of tracking progress that I recommend are:

1) The mirror test - what changes do you notice looking in the mirror?

2) Pant size - pant size is much more accurate for body composition success than the scale.

Scales are for amateurs. Scales are for the unserious. Scales are for those focused on what they’re losing when they could be focused on gaining health. The alternative tracking methods mentioned above are for those that are serious about taking their health into their own hands. When you are truly taking care of yourself there is no need for reassurance from the scale. You know you are doing your best and enjoying the process. I get it- we’re human and we want results; however, you can’t measure good health on a scale. Validation comes from within. You got this.

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