• Nick Holderbaum

Nick's Exercise Avoid List

Exercise Routine Avoid List:

>Avoid chronic cardio and chronic strength training

>Avoid extended cardio sessions at heart rates above 180-age

>Avoid strength training for more than 30 minutes

>Avoid training when HRV is low

>Avoid active couch potato syndrome

>Avoid being sedentary

>Avoid avoiding squats

>Avoid avoiding heavy things

>Avoid avoiding HIIT and sprints

>Avoid focusing on isolation exercises

>Avoid being non-flexible

>Avoid lifting with your ego

>Avoid distractions during your workout (social media)

>Avoid attempting to out-train your diet

>Avoid personal trainers that “kill you” in the gym

>Avoid workouts that you don’t enjoy

>Avoid regimented workout schedules

>Avoid feelings of guilt when skipping or missing a workout

>Avoid overtraining

>Avoid protein shakes (opt for real food like steak and eggs)

>Avoid pre-workout (try black coffee instead)

>Avoid having to immediately refeed post-workout

>Avoid comparing

>Avoid sleeping less than 8 hours a night

>Avoid obsessing over exercise

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