• Nick Holderbaum

Fireman's Best Friend

Started as carriage dogs now we’re here. Dalmatians went from carriage dogs to horse-drawn fire carriage dogs, to firehouse pups, to unemployed. While they’re no longer needed to calm horses during firefighting operations, I can still think of many reasons why they should still be your station's mascot and friend:

  • Serve as companions for firefighters

  • Serve as guard dogs at the firehouse

  • Provide their handlers with psychosocial benefits from their assistance (*)

  • Better emotional functioning, social functioning, and work functioning (*)

  • Increase firefighter physical activity through dog walking (*)

  • Help keep the “squirrels away”

  • Serve as accelerant-sniffing “arson dogs”

  • Facilitate the recovery from a stress response (*)

  • Act as the fire department mascot

Firedogs can be any size, shape, or breed, not strictly dalmatians. Adopt a rescue pup or rescue one from a fire yourself. Take Lucy on “station strolls” and feed her real food. They need us just as much as we need them. We evolved together. Dogs are fireman’s best friend. Let the police have the cats! Your health, your hands.

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