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I can’t afford grass-fed beef every time.. Damnit.

I often wish I was less informed on the benefits of eating pasture-raised (grass-fed) meat over conventional grain-fed meat to save myself the headache and money. In a perfect world, pasture-raised cows would spend their entire lives in their natural habitat and then donate their meat to me when I get hungry! Seeing as how this utopia doesn’t exist, it’s up to me to find the closest thing. CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) are terrible. These cows are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, not to mention the omega-6:omega-3 ratio is close to 7:1, resulting in inflammation throughout the body. Avoid supporting CAFO if you can; however, if conventional meat is what you can afford, trimming the fat off helps remove a lot of the stored toxins.

Eat meat? Have a chest freezer? Want grass-fed beef but not at $74 a lb.?

Enter cow-pooling.

Just like sharing a ride to work or an Uber to your favorite bar, cow-pooling is wallet-friendly and easy to do with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. It’s a convenient way to buy quality grass-fed, grass-finished meat from a local farmer and avoid CAFO meat. Good butchers will work with you to give you the cuts that you want. Set yourself up for a year of eating well and buy bulk.

On average, a half-cow provides somewhere around 220 lbs. (Go here for actual numbers- Buying in bulk not only saves you money and helps to ensure that you’re getting quality meat, but also helps with decision fatigue. No more arguing over what’s for dinner. You always have a go-to cut of steak or short ribs to fall back on.

If you’re really on your game, you’ll fill your chest freezer with water when meatless to create a tank for cold plunging . Cold exposure has become popular amongst the biohacking community for mental well-being and recovery. The mental override required to get in freezing water is like strength training for the mind. Just make sure that you have a friend there to keep an eye on you -- and make fun of you for squealing like a bi*ch. Acute stress makes light of chronic stress.

So there you have it, eat better and save money by cowpooling (and freeze your ass of in a chest freezer once in awhile for mental health). Your health, your hands.

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