• Nick Holderbaum

Constant Movement is Key

Constant daily movement is more important than structured workout routines. Sitting on your ass gets you nowhere! Most of us fall into one of two categories: the active couch potato that works out for one hour and then remains motionless for the rest of our waking hours, or those that have close to zero physical activity in our lives. It’s easy to blame our lack of movement on our jobs and commute. It becomes a scapegoat of sort. You may feel that your productivity level and accomplishments at work excuse neglecting your health. The problem here is when it all comes crashing down in the form of burnout, illness, and chronic disease.

I’ve spent years hacking my environment to include more daily movement and less sitting. When you have as much energy and testosterone flowing through your veins as I do your body finds ways to get you to move. It all starts upon waking. Two stretches I do every morning are hanging from a pull up bar and sitting in a deep squat position for a minute. Pretty simple, just remember to breathe through the stretch. When you’re bored, take the time to work on your mobility. When I get to work I walk on the treadmill at a comfortable pace until roll call, stepping off here and there for a drink of coffee. Fasted aerobic activity is great for burning fat.

When roll call is done and the house chores are complete, I grab a walkie and do what I call “Station Strolls” (walking around the firehouse) in between runs and training. No counting steps, I just prefer walking over sitting, and being outside over cooped up indoors. Walking is the miracle drug. When it’s too cold outside, I walk on the treadmill with it turned off for added belt-resistance. Most afternoon workouts are interrupted by runs, but I still go for it. All I need is ten minutes to get in a good strength training session. This can be anything from a one-set-to-failure workout consisting of push ups, pull ups, squats, and Yates rows to a HIIT Tabata workout.

Another way of ensuring plenty of movement throughout your day is by performing Return Reps. Whenever you return home or to your place of work, do a set of something. Anything from push ups, to dips, to ab roll outs. Have fun with it. Make a game out of it amongst your coworkers. I aim for 100 return reps on a given shift, most often pull ups. These are just a few strategies that I have come up with that have served me well in my career thus far. Lots and lots of low-level aerobic activity is key for your overall well-being. Ask yourself everyday - why am I sitting down? If I’m not eating, sleeping, or pooping, I should be moving.

Find something that you love doing that keeps you active and work it into your daily routine. Just keep it moving. Your health, your hands.

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