What is your favorite book you haven’t read yet? 

I really enjoy thinking about reading The Odyssey.

What did you do before firefighting?

I worked in factories from ages 15 to 24.

How did you become a podcaster?

I asked Dr. Jeff Volek if I could record our phone call for educational purposes and later used it as my first podcast episode!


What is something strange that you know a lot about?

Saunas. Live-fire cooking. Ancestral health. Ford Broncos. Dogs. 


What is your food of choice in a food fight?

Depends on my opponent. Meatballs?


Favorite thing to use as a bookmark?

The old me would say business cards. New me really likes dog-earing and the woven ribbons that come attached. 


What do you wish you were allergic to?



Do you meditate?

I prefer walking meditation in nature and hot-meditation in the sauna. Meditation happens naturally when staring at fire or waves. 


Who is the ultimate philosopher?

Trees and dogs. 


Favorite quote?

I can’t recall quotes very well. Years of poor sleep destroyed my memory. But I think questions aren’t quoted enough. 


Favorite cocktail?

Mezcal negroni (Nickgroni).


What do you look for when traveling?
Conversation with the locals. Good tacos and a good hike. 


Podcast guests that got away?

Anthony Bourdain. Carl Sagan. Viktor Frankl. So many.


Do you have any parting words of wisdom?

Life’s ultimate questions are for us to answer, not for us to ask.

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